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5 Blueprint Tips for Halloween

By on October 30, 2015


Do you have a plan this Halloween? What are you going to do about avoiding the massive quantities of sugar that will be invading your house on Saturday? I say: “Halloween is one day, it’s 24 hours. Don’t let it derail your Clean Eating Lifestyle.” 

Have a piece, let the kids have some but remember its only one day. It’s ok to embrace the ghosts and goblins in your life. Try these tips for making your Halloween a happy and healthy one.

5 Blueprint Tips for Halloween:

  1. Don’t buy candy until the day of Halloween. It’s worth the wait to make the day special to enjoy a few pieces.
  2. Buy “REAL FOOD” candy. Buy pure 70% cacao instead of processed milk chocolate. It taste so much better.
  3. Feed the kids before they go out. They won’t eat as much candy along the trail.
  4. Limit their intake after Halloween but only for a day or two. If you think there is too much in the house, feel free to throw out or donate the candy. You’re in charge and its only candy.
  5. How long do they need to go out trick-or-treating? The shorter the time, the less the amount they will collect. To make the evening even more special, watch a movie or invite some friends to come over.

The take away:

Practice mindfulness. Use this chance to explore how to be mindful and enjoy the candy. Choose only your favorite candy and then decide where to donate the rest. Of the pieces lingering, enjoy them deliberately. Take time to enjoy each bite. The more you enjoy it, the easier it is to be happy with less.