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It’s You Time!

By on February 11, 2016

“Put in the work, nothing comes easy in life”. Would be SO nice if it did but in reality it takes hard work and dedication to accomplish your goals. UGH, I’m bored with myself already. I officially have been working with Solution Fitness for a month. I have made progress but now comes the real test. KEEP PUTTING IN THE WORK! I’ve been distracted this week by work and the kids. Yesterday, Joe threatened to add weights to my dead lifts if I didn’t stop “huffing and puffing. I refocused on myself blocked out all my stressors and finished strong. Refocusing on myself and doing the work is my mantra for the next 8 weeks.

As a mom and an entrepreneur it’s always about getting the work done, hitting my next benchmark, taking care of the kids, but when is it about me? Never, not unless I take that time and yes, the boys have found me hiding in the bathroom on the phone. Don’t pretend you have never done that too! I’ve been on the phone with you while your hiding.

Ok, are you with me? Time to refocus on us. Here are three things I’ll be incorporating into my routine.TROPICAL1-Create a daily ritual- I just downloaded a Mediation app on my phone, I’m going to take 10 minutes after the kids leave for school to meditate three times a week.

2-Plan- I am a great planer for meals and healthy eating but for work and play, not so great. On Sunday nights I will plan my workouts on non Solution Fitness days and plan my work days, when I will be working on specific projects and brands.

3-Acceptance- I work A LOT, I’m in bed right now writing this at 2:30am. I can’t be equally productive every single moment, so I will schedule some off time and not feel guilty about it.

What do you think about the “ME” time in your life? We are all so busy all of the time. Take a beat, what do you really want ? Have you been wanting to start a fitness routine, healthy eating or just cleaning the closet? Whatever it is, time to set up! You do it! Let me know in the comments below what you are going to do this week to step up.