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Shop well with ShopWell

By on February 7, 2016


Picture yourself in the market, standing in front of shelves of food. You want to buy the healthiest foods you can but you don’t have time to stand there and read all the nutrition labels. Now you don’t have to; introducing ShopWell.

A new fantastic FREE app4.7inchEditProfile
 that’s almost like having me in your pocket. The ShopWell application is on your phone and on your desktop. First, set up a profile, you answer questions about your health, allergies and lifestyle needs. Then ShopWell calculates what foods match your needs and a rating system is created, especially for you. Next you go shopping armed with ShopWell, scanning the foods you normally buy, the app will suggest “Trade Ups” to better choices for the same foods.

I really like ShopWell, the app is easy to use and does help the consumer make better choices. “Today’s health-conscious consumers want help making smart choices at the grocery store — and the industry is paying attention.” said Dr. Elliott Grant, ShopWell’s CEO.

The grocery stores themselves are highlighting health and wellness opportunities to get people to come in their stores. Retailers are trying to position themselves as healthy destinations. Which only benefits the consumer. These areas in the stores are helping people move towards a healthier path. The store is now a shopping experience and ShopWell will help make it an easy place to navigate.

We are bombarded with varied food choices, confusing food labels, and conflicting marketing signals. One of the best features of the ShopWell app is helping those with allergies and health concerns and those who need to change their diet habits to form good eating ones. Profiles can also be used for those looking for help with weight management, athletic training or high blood pressure. ShopWell wants to educate their users on great food choices that are right for them, easily accessible and useful. Try ShopWell for free just download the app here.


Let me know once you use the app, I think it’s great and so will you.