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Who are you going to be?

By on April 13, 2016


Take a moment to think about the thoughts that run through your mind everyday. Are they positive? Are they helping you throughout your day or are they self-deprecating?

We tell ourselves negative things; I can’t do this. I’m not good enough. Why would they want me? Nothing is ever going to change. Your damn right, nothing is going to change with a negative outlook. And why should it? If you leave no room for the possibilities of life, you leave plenty of room for negativity.

I am a positive thinker; I’m not saying I never get depressed or think; “what am I doing?” I do. But I don’t dwell on them and I certainly do not allow them to stop me from my goals. I have my moments, don’t we all.PARTY

I have been having success in my business as of late. Another appearance on a national daytime show, Dr. Oz. I’ve also been chosen as one of NJ’s top blogger influencers by as well as asked to be a panel participant by for an upcoming conference in NYC. Plus I am currently working with 3 amazing fitness professionals and their fitness studios/gyms. Am I lucky? NO!

I work hard, have confidence in my talents and trust the universe will provide me with the possibility of opportunity, sometimes. Believing in the universe is hard, having faith that success will come, is hard. What’s harder is spinning my wheels and getting nowhere. So I believe in me. My cousin said to me last year that he is always amazed (his word not mine) at the opportunities I can make happen for myself.

I laughed off my cousins’ comment but now I want to own it. I make things happen, I’m good at it and I find it fun. I am not afraid to talk to anyone “famous or in power”, I don’t get anxious in situations I’m unsure of. I’m not afraid to really try anything or ask for what I want. There was a time I was lost, looking back I can see that now. I spend years just being a mom and I forgot who I was, what I could do, where my talents really fall.

Last summer I was invited to participant and subsequently be listed in two Guinness World Records titles for the Paul Blart Mall Cop 2 premiere. A record for 108 people having the largest Segway Lesson, and the most people simultaneously performing 360s on a Segway.

The women who invited me to the event always kicks ass, she is currently kicking cancer’s ass and will be on her way back to health ASAP! Watching her that day reminded me of how I used to operate BK; before kids. It ignited who I used to be, I wanted to kick ass again. That very day I decided to be that version of me. The one that made things happen for herself was back. I could never have done that if I didn’t have a positive outlook on life. If I didn’t take credence in my talents and the things that make me, well me.

Currently I take time to be apart of working women groups and what I hear mostly is fear. I hear that they should do “blah blah” or they can’t build their website until they “blah blah”. Well I call BS, nothing stops you, you stop you. Take those negative thoughts. The ones that are other people’s truths, the ones that you should not believe and let it all go. I am naturally a coach, I find myself coaching my friends all the time. But it’s frustrating, I can’t stand it sometimes and it does make me sad. I want to inspire you, to help you get out from under the boulder you rolled on top of your dreams to keep you down. I can no longer stand by and watch.TryYourBest

I met a woman last week with two little girls. She wanted to start a blog. Why hasn’t she? Time, kids, life and she told herself it wasn’t the right time. I told her BS. I hope she follows thru on her plans. Please follow through on your own. Take those voices that tell you no and kick their ass. If it’s a new job, a new relationship, holding onto old resentments and old behaviors, kick it’s ass. They have been kicking yours for so long that you probably can’t even see straight anymore.

Saying “having confidence” is easy, but using it for your benefit is hard. I hope my story can help you find the confidence you need to kick ass in your own life. So now I pose this question to you; what have your negative thoughts cost you? A relationship? A job? A goal? It is really worth it? Please choose one thing you will do different tomorrow and post it in the comments below. Post it on Facebook or just put it in your phone. But pick something; take that first step towards something positive.

Making room in your life for good things to happen to you. Make something happen for yourself. I’ll end with this, tomorrow morning right when you wake up before you open your eyes. Ask a question, there isn’t going to be an answer, your not waiting for a sign. You are just asking your world for a little help and by that your helping yourself, you can have faith in your abilities and don’t forget you KICK ASS!